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  1. PharmaFreak Test Freak

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PharmaFreak Test Freak

The World’s Strongest & Most Clinically-Proven Muscle-Boosting Formula!

Hands-down the strongest Muscle booster legally available. One of-a-kind formula contains clinically-proven dosages of the most heavily researched Muscle-boosting compounds!

Nothing is Stronger:
The formula contains more than DOUBLE the active ingredients per serving than nearly every product on the market! It’s so damn strong that you would need to stack 2 or 3 of the leading products on the market to even come close to the Muscle-boosting power

•Maximizes Muscle Growth & Strength!
•Increases Sex Drive & Performance!
•Full 30-Day Cycle


Provides more than DOUBLE the active ingredients per serving over all other leading products on the market!

The first and only product to include TRIGOTEST™, a new patent-pending extract from Fenugreek.

Every serving supplies a massive 1000 mg dose of Tribulus Terrestris – Methyl Gallate Ester, the most bioavailable form of Tribulus available to date.

Provides the full clinically-proven dose of Zinc in every serving!

Every serving provides the full clinically-proven dose of the 2 most effective Anti-DHT compounds available.

Supplies a potent combination of 3 clinically-proven Anti-Aromatase compounds, which are exclusive to this formula!

Stimulates Muscle Growth Through 7 Key Mechanisms!

The End Result: Maximum Strength and Maximum Muscle Growth!

Stimulates a massive increase in muscle building compounds, which bind to androgen receptors on muscle tissue, stimulating the 4 most critical muscle-building mechanisms in the body: 1) Increased rate of protein synthesis
2) Increased growth hormone (GH) and IGF-1 release
3) Greater activation of satellite cells
4) Increased rate of new muscle fiber formation

Direction for BodyPro Supplements Test Freak:
Take 4 capsules every day before bed, with 8 ounces of water. Take on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes after your last meal. Use continuously for up to 8 weeks, followed by a 2-week off period.

CAN I STACK WITH OTHER SUPPLEMENTS? Yes this product can be stacked with other supplements. Many bodybuilders are now stacking the powerful fat burner RIPPED FREAK for a potent fat-burning/muscle-building stack!

WILL THIS PRODUCT CAUSE ANY NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS? No! it has an Anti-DHT complex, which blocks the conversion of Muscle to DHT, thus preventing any unwanted side effects such as acne, hair loss, and gynecomastia.

WILL YOU MAINTAIN THE MUSCLE AND STRENGTH GAINS YOU MAKE ONCE YOU FINISH? Yes. You will still maintain the muscle and strength gains you made while you were on it as long as you continue to train hard and follow a good nutrition plan.

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