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  1. Kabakoff Equinox Self Tanning Lotion 251ml

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Kabakoff Self Tanning

BodyPro Supplements Kabakoff EQUINOX self- tanning lotion is made from the finest hypoallergenic ingredients. Designed for people who suffer from dry skin, EQUINOX has a high moisturizing effect, and if used correctly gives a natural looking tan in 8 hours that lasts for days, does not streak and will give your skin a clean refreshing feeling when applied. It is advised not to swim, shower or exercise for 3 hours after application. For a darker tan re-apply after at least 5-6 hours. All this allows you to obtain the best natural looking tan.

For use by: Dancers (Latin, Exotic etc.), Models (Males & Females) or a base tan for Bodybuilders (Males & Females), or just A great looking tan.

Directions: To obtain the best results try the following.
1. Apply lotion over clean dry skin. Exfoliating is recommended.
2. MASSAGE a small amount evenly into the areas of skin you wish to tan. Dont forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after use.
3. Overlap treated areas to obtain an even tan.

4. Do not use heavy coats on ankles, elbows or knees etc. As these areas will become darker.
5. Pale skin may require extra coats. Apply extra coats for a deeper darker tan. Allow 5-6hrs. between coats. Showering between coats is recommended.
6. Apply as required to maintain a natural looking tan.
7. Tan will start to develop after 3-4 hrs. but will develop to maximum after 8-12 hrs.
8. Do not shower, swim or exercise for at least 4 hrs. after applying.
9. Allow adequate drying time before wearing clothes.

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