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Kabakoff Body Shimmer

BodyPro Supplements Phil Kabakoff Body Shimmer is a ready to apply instant tan, and was designed to be applied just prior to your contest. It spreads easily over the body and washes off with soap and water. It dosn't get any easier.
The Phil Kabakoff BODY SHIMMER and the other great Phil Kabakoff products are made in Australia from the finest hypoallergenic ingredients. Please note that as a guide the lighter your skin the more base tan you will require.
Use other Phil Kabakoff products such as the Original CONTEST COLOUR, or Acetone Free CONTEST COLOUR first, for best results. Phil Kabakoff BODY SHIMMER will allow you to control the depth of tan you will need for your lighting requirements. When applied correctly Phil Kabakoff BODY SHIMMER will give you a ready to go complete colour with a great finish and lustre, and no other oils are required. This is a very good quality product and is of professional strength product.

It is used by models and Bodybuilders, Body Sculpters for shows/photography
Q: How does it measure up under strong lighting?
A: Superbly

Directions: The best way to obtain premium results is to try the following:
1. Allow enough time to apply before competing
2. Only apply to clean DRY skin
3. Have someone reliable assist you in the application
4. Do small areas at a time, and use the side of your hand to spread the Body Shimmer over the skin, use sparingly, it goes a long way
5. Body Shimmer spreads more easily when at body temperature
6.Once applied DO NOT lean on or touch anything as Body Shimmer does not dry, and will transfer to other surfaces
7. Do not touch your posing costume or clothing
8. May be lightly applied to your face

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